Mata to Bitterpan Trail
Mata to Bitterpan Trail
Camping under Baobab Tree
Camping under Baobab Tree
Staff Dancing for the Guests at Kings Pool
Staff Dancing for the Guests at Kings Pool


Situated on the banks of the chobe River, Kasane is both the administrative centre of chobe District and gateway to Chobe National park. It also is an important point of debarkation for the nearby victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Livingstone in Zambia, and Namibia’s Caprivi Strip.

Kasane is situated a few kilometres from the Chobe River’s confluence with the Zambezi, where the four countries of Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Namibia meet. At Kazungula, a few kilometres away, there is a ferry crossing between Botswana and Zambia. On the main road that runs along the river, and further inland, there are a number of lodges and guest houses.

For travellers wishing to stay and enjoy the park. Some are splendidly situated, with wonderful views of the river and its wildlife. Often visitors opt to have a morning game drive and an afternoon boat cruise, with an afternoon game drive the following day, as this is the time of day when elephants are usually spotted. Many visitors also tack on a day trip to Victoria Falls, which is about 80 kilometres from Kasane. Kasane now boasts small shopping malls where all basic commodities can be purchased, and arts and crafts shops. While its main attraction is the park that lies a mere 10 kilometres away, there are nevertheless attractions in and around the town.

Baobab Tree

Behind the Kasane police Station lies an absolutely immense baobab tree, with a hollow big enough for humans to enter; it was once used as a prison by colonial administrators.

Snake Park

Kazungula’s Snake park holds about 50 snakes (17 species) in pleasant garden surroundings. They run the gamut from the harmless Brown House Snake to the deadly Boomslang and Black Mamba. CARAKAL, the NGO that runs the park, is a community-based project that runs educational programmes for Batswana children, and a training programme to involve Batswana in the tourism industry.

Chobe District Landmarks

Crocodile Farm

The Crocodile Farm is located in Kazungula village approximately 12km from Kasane. Crocodile Farm is privately owned and has been operational for the past 20 years. The farm is a breeding farm which sells its hatchlings to other crocodile farms for commercial purposes.

It also caters to the tourist market and conducts educational tours. The farm provides the opportunity for visitors to observe one of the world's most spectacular predators at a close range. The experienced crocodile handlers give very good information about the Nile Crocodile and teach visitors all there is to know about the Nile Crocodlie.

In the interest of keeping the farm interesting and exciting, there are plans to add albino crocodiles to the farm. The Crocodile Farm is educational and entertaining; all are invited to visit and learn more about the Nile Crocodile.

The Crocodile Farm is open all year. Listed below are details on fees, opening and closing times:

  • P30.00 per adult (16 yrs and above)
  • P20.00 per child (10 – 15 yrs)
  • Free (under 10 yrs)

New opening times as of 2011:
Monday – Friday

08h00 – 12 noon
14h00 – 16h00
08h00 – 12noon

Lake Liambezi

The people of the Chobe Enclave will always have fond memories of this dry lake. For here was where they used to derive their livelihood with ease. Hope of it filling up will never die, and that day will be met with great celebrations.

Lesoma Memorial Monument

In 1977, the brutal civil war in the then Rhodesia spilled over into Botswana. In the process, 15 Botswana Defence Force soldiers died; however, the incident only strengthened Botswana’s national resolve to remain a peace loving nation.

Kasane Hot Springs

The warm and salty waters of this natural spring are believed to hold medicinal powers. This is also where a wildlife corridor between the villages of Kazungula and Kasane is situated.

Seboba Water Rapids and Recreational Park

These rapids occur when the waters of the mighty Chobe River meet an undulating rock base that blocks the water’s passage. The resulting rapids and beautiful natural setting give rise to the trees from which Kasane derives its name.

Sibuyu Forest Reserve

To the ancient San hunters and gatherers, this was a land of plenty that teemed with game, and held abundant water, and wild fruits and vegetables. Today the only traces of human existence and pre-historic activity lie at the ruins at Nunga. An area ideal for camping and walking safaris, especially around the pans.

Kazungula Ferry

The Chobe and Zambezi Rivers meet at Kazungula, 10 kms from Kasane, where a ferry connects Botswana with Zambia.

Kazuma Forest Reserve

Kazuma Forest Reserve boasts the world’s busiest elephant corridor that joins two of the world’s greatest parks: the Chobe National Park in Botswana and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Ideal for camping and walking safaris.

Maikaelelo Forest Reserve

The pans in this reserve offer lodging and campsites.

Kasane Forest Reserve

Lesoma valley offers campsites, walking safaris, and night game drives by local tour operators.