Star Grading System

The Botswana Star Grading System is used to differentiate the various quality levels of accommodation establishments, it provides judgements on the amenities, facilities and services of particular accommodation in a way that enables travellers to choose the quality of accommodation they want. The system is mandatory for all types of enterprises.

The system applies objectivity obtained from the Grading standards and subjectivity obtained from the Grading Criteria. It is the combination of these two documentations that evaluate whether the establishment is fit for purpose as intended, thus ensuring an accommodation establishment qualifies for a Star Grading having achieved an acceptable average score.

The guiding principles for the establishment of the Botswana Star Grading System are :

  • A marketing and quality assurance tool based on international recognised ratings.
  • Aids accommodation establishments to benchmark their performance against set Standards.
  • Serves as a pledge to commitment to quality, standards and service.
  • Allows for consumer confidence and choice.

Benefits of Graded Facilities

  • Recognised both nationally and internationally, for their commitment to standards and service within the hospitality industry, hence, assisting establishments in positioning their products.Displaying of plaques issued by the Botswana Tourism Organisation.
  • Displaying of grading certificates issued¬† by the Organisation inside their establishments.
  • Listed on the Botswana Tourism Organization's website with a hyperlink to the individual property.
  • Listed on the annual accommodation guide by location and star rating.
  • Participation at the marketing fairs through Botswana Tourism Organisation.

Consumer Feedback Programme

The Botswana consumer feedback programme is designed to monitor industry standards. The feedback questionnaires are not designed to be in competition with internal feedback mechanisms, but rather to compliment internal (establishment) questionnaires. The information captured in the consumer feedback programme is utilized to assist the Quality Assurance Committee in making grading decisions.

The consumer feedback programme is a benefit for graded accommodation and guest participation is voluntary in nature, seeking to establish an objective analysis of a subjective experience. It is also designed to inform the grading process.

The key objectives of the programme are:

  • To get a true understanding of the guest experience;
  • To assist in motivating improvements where necessary;
  • To monitor and make a comparative analysis of property and industry standards;
  • To keep track of guest trends;
  • To provide recognition to the property;

To provide individual properties with monthly report based on the results of the consumer feedback programme.

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