Camel Riding

Experienced and knowledgeable tour guides escort groups or individuals on escorted camel rides. These intimate and charming camel rides cover approximately 50 km between the Camel Park (Tsabong) and the Kalahari Transfrontier Park Mabuasehube gate; making a dramatic viewing of wildlife, nature and the vast open Tsabong landscape.

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My husband and I love running and we are travelling in Botswana for three months. We've already done one safari and we'll be doing a few more. What I want to share is my running experience in Botswana. Once you get a bit out of the city,...

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What to Bring/Wear

What to Bring

Binoculars, torch, insect repellent, lip salve, sunscreen, sunglasses. Cosmetics, medications, and cigarettes are all available in the major towns, but if specific brand names are needed, it is best to bri