Botswana is not a natural hiking destination. Nevertheless there are some good day hike destinations in the hills in the south east of the country, most of which can be done as a day trip from the capital city. Due to the fact that Botswana is general thinly populated, and with fewer people there are fewer paths; some hikes, in particular to the top of hills, involve walking through the bush without a path. The bush is harsh with many acacia thorn trees and other prickly scrub. Long sleeves, gardening gloves and even a pair of gardening clippers can be good ideas. May - September) is the best time to go hiking as the days are drier, clearer and warm. Outside these times it is best to go early morning. After 10 am the temperature can rise well above 30 celcius which takes all the fun out of the hike. A global positioning system (GPS) is very useful. The lack of paths and maps makes having a GPS, even if it is just the one on your phone, a good backup in case you loose your way. Kgale Hill located in Gaborone is ideal for both hiking and hill climbing.

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My wife and I went on the 6 day tented camp safari, a good mixture of walking and boating all birds and animals were identified along with tracks where needed comfortable tents with shower tents and toilets meals were all high standard with fresh...

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