09 Jan 2018 to 14 Jan 2018
Venue : 
Utrect, Netherlands

'Night at the Vakantiebeurs': new this year is that the Vakantiebeurs will be extended on Saturday with an attractive program of activities, food, drinks and multicultural entertainment. Until 22:00 you can enjoy a fun night out in the central Experiencehal (Hall 9)!



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Great Value for money
My wife and I went on the 6 day tented camp safari, a good mixture of walking and boating all birds and animals were identified along with tracks where needed comfortable tents with shower tents and toilets meals were all high standard with fresh...

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Most of Botswana is networked by automatic telephone exchanges, with public telephones in even the most remote places.

The International access code in Botswana is 00. When calling international to Botswana, dial +267.