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France Laliberte
My husband and I love running and we are travelling in Botswana for three months. We've already done one safari and we'll be doing a few more. What I want to share is my running experience in Botswana. Once you get a bit out of the city, you can run in nature, which is really peaceful and beautiful. However to be able to reach the nature, one has the run in town and the suburbs and this is where the problem lies. Almost everyone seem to have rabid dogs guarding their property. However, they are not merely guarding the property, they are chasing us down the streets, barking, growling, gnarling, lounging at us, snapping at our calves. We're not even getting close to their property, we are staying on the street. Even though the properties are fenced, the gates are usually open or there are holes in the fence, which the dogs know very well about. It's extremely dangerous, scary and unpleasant to run in Botswana for that reason. And I can't even think about cycling. At some point, I guess the government of Botswana will want the population to get active to avoid the health problems that the rest of the world is facing. Well it takes a lot of courage to exercise in Botswana right now because of the out of control dogs. The stray dogs are not really a problem as they are usually tame and afraid of us. It's the dogs owned by people who are untrained that are the problem. Dogs need to be trained not to leave the properties or be euthanized.

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