SITV Travel Fair

10 Nov 2018 to 12 Nov 2018
Venue : 
Colmar, France

Think of an island nation of vibrant colours, home to a thousand contrasts, whose music is laden with history... Spot on! Cuba will be our guest of honour at the 33rd International Tourism and Travel Fair. In the aisles, the sweet scent of freedom will mingle with the perfumes of cigars, mojitos and coconut palms. Step into our reconstruction of a traditional Havanan casa to learn more about the island, its history and the local customs. Push open the door of the typical Cuban store, and then sip the island’s signature rum-based cocktail to the strains of salsa music. Join us in Colmar between 10 and 12 November to escape to the sun. Tropical atmosphere guaranteed !


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My husband and I love running and we are travelling in Botswana for three months. We've already done one safari and we'll be doing a few more. What I want to share is my running experience in Botswana. Once you get a bit out of the city,...

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Most of Botswana is networked by automatic telephone exchanges, with public telephones in even the most remote places.

The International access code in Botswana is 00. When calling international to Botswana, dial +267.