Gemsbok Herd
Gemsbok Herd
Dance performance at the Bahurutshe Cultural Village
Dance performance at the Bahurutshe Cultural Village

Star Grading Application Process

Establishments are encouraged to obtain and familiarise themselves with definitions, minimum requirements and the grading criteria for each category before applying for grading under a particular category. Operators also need to consider their scope of operation.

The assessment is done with the cooperation and full knowledge of the operators. Operators are required to provide details of their operations as well as the desired grades of their facilities. The information is provided through the application form that has to be submitted to Botswana Tourism.

Grading Fees

The grading fees required to be paid by a tourist enterprise licensed under the Toursim Act (Cap. 42:09) shall be as follows:

Enterprise Type Fee (BWP)
Guesthouses 500.00
Self-catering 2,500.00

Other Tourist Enterprises:

Enterprise Type Fee (BWP)
One Star 3,000.00
Two Star 3,500.00
Three Star 4,000.00
Four Star 4,500.00
Five Star 5,000.00

Below are links to all the necessary forms to be used for applying for grading.