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Botswana is a paradise for the claustrophobic. No matter which region you decide to tackle, you can expect long stretches of vast, three-hundred-and-sixty degree open space, depending in your location, you can go for days without any significant towns and the rarest of all: a truly blue sky in every direction without a trace of pollution. Whether it is Makgadikgadi Pans, the Tuli area, scrub brush, or even seas of sand-dunes, nature on a scale most people can barely imagine is what awaits in Botswana, and as such for the touring cyclist all this space comes with a catch: you have to be totally self-contained to bike here.

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Historical Site
Lucky, the guide, gave us the historical background of the rocks and the site. The footprints on the rocks take one back in time. Interesting part of History that one is seldom exposed to. Enjoyed listening to the stories.

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What to Bring/Wear

What to Bring

Binoculars, torch, insect repellent, lip salve, sunscreen, sunglasses. Cosmetics, medications, and cigarettes are all available in the major towns, but if specific brand names are needed, it is best to bri