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Numerous camping options are available in all of Botswana’s National Parks and Game Reserves, allowing the visitor an experience the magic that is Botswana is available throughout the country. There are a number of excellent sites within the Game Reserves and National Parks. Botswana has vast area and logistically camping trips need to be well planned and it is advisable to contact a local tour operator and take basic safety measures. Always ensure that someone knows where you plan to go and that you take some means of communications. It is sensible to travel with two vehicles. Please do not rely much on your GPS while navigating through the remote areas of the parks. The Department of Wildlife and National Parks conserves and manages the country’s fish and wildlife resources in partnership with other stakeholders in order to derive value from the environment for the benefit of the Nation. Administers the wildlife resources in Botswana.

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The Botswana currency is the Pula (meaning ‘rain’ in Setswana).

It is divided into 100 thebe (meaning ‘shield’ in Setswana). Travellers’ cheques and foreign currency may be changed at banks, bureaux de c