Male Red Lechwe Finghting
Male Red Lechwe Finghting
Moremi Gorge
Moremi Gorge
Traditional Dance
Traditional Dance
Two Brothers Eating a Red Lechwe
Two Brothers Eating a Red Lechwe
Gcwihaba Caves and Aha Hills
Gcwihaba Cave
Experience the stuning beauty, the unimaginable vastness, the isolation and other-worldiness, the astoundingly profilic wildlife of the best kept African secret - Botswana.
Okavango Bird Watching
Okavango Bird
Whether your thing is safaris, mokoro rides, hunting, elephant riding, quad biking, fishing, 4x4 off-road adventures you are sure to make the best of your stay in Botswana.
Xugana Island Lodge
Botswana offers the traveler a choice of accommodation options from top class hotels, luxury lodges and safari camps, to budget guesthouses and camping grounds.

Sand Curve

Cheetah in Mashatu
One of Botswana’s oldest towns, Francistown was the centre of southern Africa’s first gold rush.
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The Nile Crocodile can measure in weights exceeding 1000kg. It has long jaws and sharp, noticeable teeth and webbed hind feet. Its skin is covered in geometrically arranged, horny plates...