Painted Reed Frog on a Day Water Lily Flower
Painted Reed Frog on a Day Water Lily Flower

About BTO

Botswana Tourism Organisation (Botswana Tourism/BTO) is a parastatal corporate body established through the Botswana Tourism Organisation Act of 2009 to:

  1. Plan, develop and implement tourism marketing and promotion strategies for Botswana;
  2. Determine and advice Government on policies as well as implement such policies;
  3. Establish and expand local and international travel trade networks;
  4. Manage and coordinate Botswana tourism promotional and publicity programmes;
  5. Provide market research information and market intelligence;
  6. Grading and classification of tourist accommodation facilities;
  7. Promote and improve industry standards;
  8. Conduct tourism awareness campaigns in and outside the country;
  9. Develop and improve existing tourism opportunities and diversify the sector into other forms of tourism; and
  10. Market and promote the establishment of joint tourism business ventures between citizens and foreign investors.


“To be globally recognised as a premier tourism promotions organisation”


“To develop Botswana into a unique preferred tourism destination of choice in order to increase the sector’s contribution to the nation’s economic growth, through active participation of the local and international communities for the sustainable utilization of tourism resources”

Corporate Values

  • Botho / Hospitality: To serve our customers and stakeholders in a courteous, pleasant and professional manner to project a positive image about the Botswana Tourism Organisation.
  • Result Oriented: To work together as a team, harness and deploy available resources for optimal output.
  • Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship: To apply initiative and business ingenuity to ensure that the Board continues to be competitive.
  • Customer Focus: To provide high standard deliverables that exceed customer expectation, effectively and efficiently build customer confidence.
  • Strategic Orientated: To effectively rationalize human and material resources at our disposal to maximize industry growth and competitiveness.
  • Professionalism: To apply high standards of service delivery at all times.